Nuqo Trading – a world leader in the supply and distribution of natural African products.

In response to a global demand for natural African products, Nuqo Trading was formed, specialising in the the supply of raw materials, natural product development and brand development. With extensive experience in its field, Nuqo Trading is here to understand, configure and facilitate the full supply chain of product generation.

Having partnered with a number of growers throughout Africa, the team pride themselves in the transparency and traceability of the raw materials that they proudly supply.

“Our point of differentiation is that all of our supply partners undergo a strict vetting process which not only provides us with the confidence to partner with, but also allows us to understand their business”- Lloyd Abernethy, Nuqo Trading Founder.

Not only does Nuqo Trading offer a continuous and sustainable supply of your raw material, but they are able to offer private labelling and new product development services, all of which require an in depth knowledge of the current trends within the food industry.

“Your first step in developing a product is locating a source of the raw food material to be used. Thereafter one needs to think about formulations, packaging, regulations and design- Nuqo Trading does it all, essentially providing the customer with a one-stop-solution.”

Evolving off the back of an award winning Moringa oleifera farm, Nuqo Trading knows exactly what to look for when identifying a sustainable source of raw food material. Combine this with the knowledge in Food Technology, Business Development and Brand Development, and Nuqo Trading is the fastest, most efficient solution to supply a product from farm to consumer.

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